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Outdoor Cookin!

New decorations were added to the game today for a limited time. Scroll down to see the boosts you can get now too!

Fire up the Grill!

Market decorations page 1

Market decorations

Market decorations

They also added new boosts which you can buy for horseshoes. They can all be found in the specials tab, or you can find the boosts arranged by type in the other tabs according to what they tend. You can also get these boosts for FREE for turning in collections that have these as a reward (see below).


Fruit ready boost will make all your fruit trees ready to harvest. (Turn in mule collection to get this free)

Fruit harvest boost will harvest all your fruit trees at once. (No free boost from collections)

Animal ready boost makes animals ready. (Turn in bear collection to get this free)

Animal harvest boosts harvest all ready animals. (Turn in barn collection to get this free)

Wither protection boost can be used to keep your crops from ever going bad (great for vacations or more casual players). (Turn in peas collection to get this free)

Unwither crop boost can be used when your plants die. (Turn in peanut collection to get this free)