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FrontierVille Jackalope Lodge Badges

Once you’ve completed your Jackalope Lodge Missions and built your Frontierville Jackalope Lodge you will be able to earn badges! Please note that I’ve added a PAGE for the below chart which you can find from any post or the main site page using the links at the very top. This will make it easy for you to find and reference if you don’t want to save the chart to your pc. Please share!

Click to see larger!

Frontierville jackalope badge

Tips for earning badges:

Buy a LOT of chickens and click on them, use snacks from your inventory to work on Clicker and Consumption badges.

For Decorator you can use items from your shed and inventory instead of buying them, but it takes longer to open the windows. I used a 1×1 object and just clicked wildly (while still collecting those bonuses for Clicker Badge)

For Rancher, sell the chickens once you’ve finished off a bunch of the other badges.

For Consumption and Cultivator, be careful before you finish the last badge, it gives you a LOT of XP and will level you up, so make sure you use up your energy before completing them.

For Clicker, to get more of the bonuses before they fade, click to share something (varmint, collection, etc.) and leave it up without publishing it. Collect all the bonuses and they shouldn’t fade until you click publish or skip on that popup. This works for neighbor visits too.

Rewards are cumulative!

Badges 1

Badges 2

Badges 3

Badges 4

When you earn a badge you will get to post a reward for your friends!

easy energy badge