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FrontierVille Game Bar Toolbar

Zynga has added a game bar for FrontierVille! Download the Zynga Toolbar and you can get up to 35 horseshoes for free (20 for downloading + 1 each day for 15 days)! The gamebar tells you when your crops are ready, when your friends have visited your homestead, and even gives you free energy!

From IE 7+ or Firefox 2+ Click here:

Please read instructions so you can get your free horseshoes!

The link takes you to a page that looks like this:

The official frontierville game bar!

Free energy, know when your crops are ready, see when friends visit!

Click to install it and follow the instructions provided.

(this only works for IE 7+ and Firefox 2+)


Once you have it installed you’ll get a little toolbar in your browser. Click on the ‘Need attention!’  or ‘Ready!’ links to the right of your game stats to load the game. When the game loads Frontier Jack will give you 20 horseshoes and tell you that you will get 3 extra energy every 8 hours when you use the game bar!

20 horseshoes

Accept that and you get another popup with your first bonus of 3 extra energy and your daily horseshoe (you can get 1 free horseshoe each day for the first 15 days after install)

3 more for good measure!

The fine print on the website says “*20 horseshoes will be awarded upon successful install, plus 1 bonus horseshoe will be awarded per day for the first 15 days after install. You must enter via the Game Bar to claim your reward and get your bonus. Limit one bonus per player.”

If you don’t usually use these browsers you can log into them, get the bonuses, then go back to your preferred browser until tomorrow, when you will want to go back for another free horseshoe !