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FrontierVille Jackalope Lodge Badges

Once you’ve completed your Jackalope Lodge Missions and built your Frontierville Jackalope Lodge you will be able to earn badges! Please note that I’ve added a PAGE for the below chart which you can find from any post or the main site page using the links at the very top. This will make it easy for you to find and reference if you don’t want to save the chart to your pc. Please share!

Click to see larger!

Frontierville jackalope badge

Tips for earning badges:

Buy a LOT of chickens and click on them, use snacks from your inventory to work on Clicker and Consumption badges.

For Decorator you can use items from your shed and inventory instead of buying them, but it takes longer to open the windows. I used a 1×1 object and just clicked wildly (while still collecting those bonuses for Clicker Badge)

For Rancher, sell the chickens once you’ve finished off a bunch of the other badges.

For Consumption and Cultivator, be careful before you finish the last badge, it gives you a LOT of XP and will level you up, so make sure you use up your energy before completing them.

For Clicker, to get more of the bonuses before they fade, click to share something (varmint, collection, etc.) and leave it up without publishing it. Collect all the bonuses and they shouldn’t fade until you click publish or skip on that popup. This works for neighbor visits too.

Rewards are cumulative!

Badges 1

Badges 2

Badges 3

Badges 4

When you earn a badge you will get to post a reward for your friends!

easy energy badge

FrontierVille Horseshoe Pit – How to Build

The FrontierVille Horseshoe Pit minigame is here!

Disclaimer: There is no time limit on building the Pit, and it is OPTIONAL. You do not have to buy it and play the other zynga games to finish it if you don’t want to. This information is here for you if you do! Scroll to the end for tips on fast leveling.

WARNING: To earn items for this task, you MUST first enter the other games through FrontierVille horseshoe pit popups! Do this for each game separately and make sure you re-enter through FrontierVille for progress to count!

The Horseshoe Pit

Market Pit

Yours might cost more if you have not yet completed all your schoolhouse lessons.

Buy it and get 5xp


Whack it 10 times with 10 wood each.

While whacking it you will get collectibles for other collections: general store, foundry, storage shed, land office, sawmill, inn, and school.

Inside the Pit

Click ‘ask for more’ For the tape measures and you can post to the feed for your friends to click.
Help out and you’ll get one too!

To get your items from the other Zynga games, make SURE you go to the games through the horseshoe pit popup to get your rewards!!! See ‘Getting Items’ section under prizes!


For more info about how to play, check out this post!

Toss, points, and rewards for Horseshoe Pit on FrontierVille

Click ‘GET MORE’ to exit horseshoe pit without cashing out! This will give you a ‘buy horseshoes?’ option that you can close if you want to.

Getting Items

For Wooden Boards: Go to FARMVILLE

You must plant and harvest 200 crops.


Make SURE you see this screen when you first log into FarmVille:

Farmville 200

Harvest your crops and get your popup to take you back to FrontierVille to claim your boards! There will be a small icon on the left side when this is completed.

Boards icon

Click this to get the popup to take you back to the frontier.

Congrats from farm!

For the Bar Stool: Go to CAFE WORLD

Level up once to at least level 5.

Cafe World

Make sure you see this popup when you start playing Cafe World so you get credit for your level!

Welcome to Cafe World

When you finish, click the popup to get back to FrontierVille and claim your Bar Stool.

Congrats cafe

For the Gold Horseshoe: Go to Zynga POKER

Level up once to level 5. Right when I hit level 5, I got my popup!


Once you get in make SURE you see this popup:

Poker welcome

Level up and click the popup to get back to FrontierVille to claim your pit item. Mine worked fine, but another friend said she had to log out and log back in to get this popup.

Claim Horseshoe

For the Spike: Go to MAFIA WARS

Level up THREE times past level 5 (So this will be at least level 8).

Mafia Wars

Once you get in make SURE you see this popup!

Mafia wars - start leveling

Gain your 3 levels and you will get this popup. Click to collect

Mafia wars - claim your prize

For the Bag of Sand: Go to TREASURE ISLE

Level up once after level 5 (be at least level 6).

Treasure Isle

Once Treasure Isle loads, make SURE you see this popup:

Treasure isle - welcome

Earn your level and you will get this popup. Make sure you click to ‘go back!’ to frontierville to claim your sandbags!

Congrats! go back!


Finish it and get 25 XP

Done horseshoe pit

What is this?

For more info about how to play, check out this post!

Tips for leveling up fast!

Here’s what I did to level each of these games quickly to finish my horseshoe pit. I had already played most of them in the past so there was more experience required for me to level. Keep in mind that most of these tips factor in that you won’t be continuing to play these games and you might use up your ‘real money – in game cash’ stores. THESE ARE ONLY SUGGESTIONS! Play this way or by your own strategy. There is no time limit on building the Horseshoe Pit, so you don’t need to rush. I wanted to get you the most information as quickly as possible, without spending real cash on it, so the following ideas/tips helped me. Good luck and have fun with those other games if you get a chance!


Beginners: Plant short term crops and pick them up as soon as they are ready. Collect all free animals and sell them. Ask friends to post collections, high sale priced items from their easter basket, tuscan wedding, storage cellar, etc. Collect everything you can and sell it. You’ll get those 200 plots in no time!

Advanced: Use your upgraded plow, seeder, and harvester on short term crops. If you have any farm cash left, you can use the crop plane to make them done instantly.

Mafia Wars:

Beginners: Click on jobs to do them and go to the fight tab and try robbing to use up your stamina quickly.

Advanced: Go to Bangkok or Moscow to find high energy jobs and do those. Use up your stamina as well! Use an energy pack from a friend. Buy another energy pack or 2 with any reward points you have (10/pack).

Cafe World:

Beginners: Make fast recipes and don’t worry about decorating.

Advanced: Use your upgraded stove(s) to quickly start high point recipes (usually the ones way to the right that take the longest). Delete it, make it again, delete it, etc.  You’ll get there. (Fast: Mystical Pizza!)


Beginners: You’ll have more money than you need to get past level 5, so don’t worry about it at all. Click ‘Check or Call/ Call any’ whenever your turn comes up. Keep your sound on so you hear the little bell when it’s your turn and you can multitask. I did all 5 levels in about 2 hours .

Advanced: Couldn’t tell you.. I’m not a Poker person. If there is anything for speed, using real money or something to help you level faster, go for it.

Treasure Isle:

Beginners: Plant fast growing fruit in your plots, go to islands and click around. Think minesweeper and try to find those treasure chests!! Ask friends for energy pack and fruit.

Advanced: Trade in your collections (this did it for me as there is now a better feature for these). Go dig around and you should get this one in a few minutes.